Japanese Koi and Chrysanthemums

Koi – The Japanese began breeding them for their aesthetic appeal in the mid 1800s. They are recognized as symbols of perseverance and endurance, as well as strength and individualism. Koi swimming upstream can symbolise perseverance, legend has it that if the...

Traditional Snake Tattoo

Nice snake ripper by Lewis Davies. Snake head ripping out the skin, a staple classic for many years, black and grey, classic 3 colour or wild and out there! Traditional Tattoo by Lewis Davies GUNG HO! Tattoo, Birmingham

Liver Bird

Tattooed by Paul Sims, for a dedicated fan. Paul has made this liver bird come to life and a nice change from the standard flat badge! Tattoo by Paul Sims GUNG HO! Tattoo, Birmingham

Hannya Mask Tattoo

Paul went for a large hannya mask and cherry blossoms to fit on his side. A popular theme in Japanese tattooing, the hannya mask is used in Noh theatre, representing a jealous female demon.   Below is a close up of Paul’s arm depicting a Daruma doll…...

Japanese Style Sleeve Tattoo

Full Japanese style sleeve using peonies, rocks and water. Lee wanted to cover up an old tattoo on his arm, we used rocks and a section of the peony for the tattoo cover up. Japanese Tattoo by Rich Pearson GUNG HO! Tattoo Studio, Birmingham...